CS 351: Viewing your grades

"Where are my grades?"

As you are no doubt aware, we do not use D2L for this class. The grades are stored in AFS (that is, on any computer which has AFS capabilities, for example using OpenAFS Software) in the following directory (folder):

The andrew.cs.uwm.edu server has AFS capabilities. So you can read your grades by logging into this machine and using Unix shell commands to navigate to this directory and view the files.

"But I don't want/know how to use UNIX commands!"

If you don't know, you should learn how:

But even if you know Unix, it is still a pain to log onto to andrew, so we have provided a tool you can use on your homework computer.

How to do it without Unix

We wrote a Java program to log onto andrew.cs.uwm.edu for you and get your grade files. It is a JAR executable that can run on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

Download the latest "get-grades" JAR from our software depot. Then execute it. On some systems (e.g. Mac OS X), you will need to "right-click" execute because it will fear a Trojan Horse. (You should never execute a JAR file from an unknown source—it can do anything.) On other computers, the boxes will be too small to use. Expand the window vertically to enable them to work.

It will ask for your login and then for your password. The password must be your UWM panther password. It remembers your password until you close the window, but doesn't store it anywhere, so when you run it again, it will need to ask for the password again.

If you have problems, send us email.

CS 351 get-grades / John Tang Boyland boyland@uwm.edu