Computer Science 552: Object-Oriented Programming (Fall 2016)

Instructor:John Tang Boyland (
Place:KENWOOD 1140
Time:TTh 8:00am-9:15am

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Official Course Description

An advanced course in object-oriented programming. Abstraction; single and multiple inheritance; dynamic binding of functions; polymorphic types and operators; survey of object-oriented techniques. Prereq: jr st; CompSci 431(P)


The required textbook for the course is
Xiaoping Jia. Object-Oriented Software Development Using Java. Addison-Wesley, Boston. 2003.
Copies of these textbooks should be available at UWM bookstore and at Panther bookstore.

There are known typos in the first printing.

Course Handouts

The following handouts are available


Here is an index of git repositories for this course (all of which are under /afs/

an executable JAR file to read your grade information out of AFS

The following resources have homepages that lead to places to download free implementation:.

Tool Documentation

The following tools have documentation available: We also have documents explaining particular aspects:

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